Short Story: A Date?

Genre: humour
Features characters from Mission Gone Wrong.


Theo looked at the outfit handed to him in bewilderment.


“Change. We’re going on a date,” Eileen said.

He turned red from head to toe.

“Excuse me?”

“Or am I not good enough?”

“What? No. No. Of course not.”

“Good. I’ll be in the other room.” Eileen grabbed her own outfit and left.

What just happened?

“Go on newbie.” Thomas turned him towards the changing room.

Still bewildered, Theo did what he was told. The outfit was smarter and more restrictive than he was used to, but it was just his size. He didn’t know how to feel about that.

When he emerged, the others were ready with their comments.

“Better than expected.”

“Relax. The clothes aren’t going to eat you.”

Theo naively thought the day couldn’t get any worse, then Eileen returned, dressed up like a goddess, and wrapped her arm around his.

“Let’s go.”

They walked arm in arm in the city. Eileen leading the way like a flower, Theo following like a bumbling bee.

How… Why… Huh……………..???????????????????

“Hey, sweetie, wait here for me a tick. I’ll be right back.” Eileen patted him on the cheek and left.

He kept thinking that the day couldn’t get any worse, and the day kept proving him wrong.

“You don’t deserve her!”

A man burst out of nowhere with a hammer. Caught off guard, Theo shattered the hammer and flipped the man down the street in self-defence.

“Well done.”

It turned out that their date was just a ruse and he was the bait for a serial attacker who had injured and killed men of all walks of life. The only common point that tied the victims together was the fact that they were all attacked while on a date with someone ‘above their league’.

“I knew you were perfect.” Thomas clapped Theo on the back.

“Do I at least get to keep the clothes?” Theo asked.


He sighed. “Thought so.”



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