Short Story: Tapity Tap Tap

Genre: general


She gently tapped off the dirt encrusted over one of their new findings from the buried city. It was hard to tell with all the dirt in the way, but she liked to guess anyway. Made her work just a little more exciting.

It was around the size of her head, found inside one of the buildings. The exposed bottom glimmered faintly in the right light.

A metal bowl, she thought as she tapped away, A hand basin.

The dirt fell away little by little until she could see the rim of the bowl. She moved her attention elsewhere.

A little further up, she found a crystal. A rich family’s bowl then. The kind that had the family history engraved on it to be passed down the family line. Sure enough, she found more jewels and engravings as she brushed off more of the dirt.

She tapped her way to the tip, and found that the top was a little spikier than she expected for a bowl. Could it be?

The dirt fell away to reveal a pointed tip with an empty socket where a jewel could be.

A crown!


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