Short Story: Have You Ever Wondered

Genre: fantasy, mystery

Have You Ever Wondered | This Girl | A Pioneer’s Life | A Friend In Need | A Change of Pace | An Unexpected Side | A Question of Leisure | Promised View

“Have you ever wondered why the grass only grows in this side of your house?” She skipped beside him.

“No.” He checked the trap for damages.

“What about why the water over there is pink?”


“Where your left socks disappear to.”


“Your left socks disappear?”


“Ah. That’s why you don’t wonder about them. But you don’t wonder about a lot of things.”

“I wonder about what a little kid like you is doing all the way out here.” And not just once. The girl had appeared at his doorstep almost every day for the past month.

“Easy. I walked.”

He looked around at the empty wasteland that surrounded his solitary house.

“There’s nothing else around here.”

“I walked a looooooooong way to get here.”

“Go home. It’s dangerous here.”

“Ok. Thank you for the food mister. See you next time.”

She hopped behind a fence out of his view. He stepped out to take a look and sure enough, she was gone.



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