Short Story: The Art of Seeing the Unseen

Genre: fantasy


People talk about invisibility as if it’s a superpower.

He knows it’s a curse.

The busy, fast paced world is a dangerous place for an invisible person. There will always be people who run a red light when ‘no one else is around’, who dash through the ‘gaps in the crowd’, who squeeze into the ’empty pockets’ in crowded spaces.

Other people are protected because they are seen and thus avoided.

He has no such protection.

His involuntary invisibility is the kind that turns everything he touches invisible. The only way to notice him is to notice that something else is missing.


Fortunately, there are people who do notice.


“I have… a present for you. Happy early birthday and early Christmas!”

His sister nudges a dog in his direction. The dog sniffs curiously at him.


“She’s your reverses guide dog. If people can’t see you, they can see her.”

He doesn’t know how much a dog can help when people don’t notice when a whole bench disappears on the train, but he appreciates the thought.


“Let’s go shopping and test it out. There’re some new games I want to try.”

She catches his hand on her second try and pulls him off the couch. The three-seater springs back into view as they head out the door.

He wonders how long it’ll take her to notice all three of them are invisible.



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  1. Very creative and fun! A great read!!! 👍

  2. Wow. I actually felt so sad for the boy.
    Absolutely amazing story though. In such few words you’ve made me sympathize with and feel pity for a character. Very creative.

  3. I am almost afraid to comment. Yikes!
    OK, teasing off, let me say there is a power that can make a person able to see the unseen. Check it out (Hebrews 11:27).

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