Short Story: A Month Full of Disruptions

Genre: slice of life


In an average month, she received two visitors.

This month, the one month she had a major project to finish with a tight deadline, everyone somehow decided at the same time that this was the month to visit her.

It sounded bad to refer to her friends and families as disruptions, but with so many things to do in so little time, any time not spent on her project was considered wasted time. However, brushing everyone off wasn’t a solution either. A scary deadline wasn’t a good reason to be a hermit.

So she spent time with her family and caught up with friends, and like a starving animal, she hoarded every spare moment she could to work on her project. Her notebook travelled everywhere she went, her mind never strayed far from her project, and her workbench was never cleared so she could jump straight back into it at any moment.

Finally, she finished the project. One day before the deadline, even. Considering the amount of time she had spent outside with people, she deserved a pat on the back for completing it at all.

The next month rolled over, and no one asked her to meet up for anything, leaving her schedule free for her to do anything she wanted.

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻


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