Short Story: Colt Guide

Genre: adventure (kinda)


They were on a world-saving quest. An extremely dangerous, incredibly important, and excruciatingly difficult quest.

And their guide was this awkward colt who couldn’t even find his own way home.

“Don’t worry. He knows where to go,” the colt’s owner said.

The colt was the only guide available, so they accepted it and followed the colt on a long, meandering journey full of wrong turns and double backs.

“Return the animal. We’re going nowhere.”

“The owner said it knows where it’s going.”

“We’ve been duped.”

They argued every night, but when morning came, they still followed the colt wherever it went.

Three months later, they finally broke down.

“I miss my family.”

“I don’t actually want to fight. I just want to sing.”

“I hate this country. I’m only doing this because the king said he’ll give me a horse.”

“Then why are we still here?”

They pondered.

“I don’t leave things halfway.”

“I want to have a story worth telling.”

“This puts food on the table.”

“So… we continue?”

“We continue.”

The next day, even the colt seemed to have found its way. By noon, their first target was within sight.

“For family.”

“For getting things done.”

“Definitely not for this country or the king.”



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