Short Story: Childhood Dalliance

Genre: slice of life, friendship


When he was younger, he had a dalliance with stamp collecting, sparked when his cousin passed her old stamp album to him.

He diligently gathered all the stamps he could find. He even asked his neighbours and school friends for stamps. It didn’t matter what they had, he wanted them all.

Instead of giving their stamps to him, his friends started collecting them too. Together, they learnt about value, negotiation, and most importantly, not letting trades get in the way of friendship.

Like most childhood passions, the stamp collection craze passed, and his albums sat forgotten in his cupboard.

Until now.

“What’s this?” his niece asked.

“My old stamp album. It’s yours now.”

His niece’s face lit up. She thanked him and rushed over to show her parents her birthday present.

“Mum, dad, look!”


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