Short Story: Anti-Human

Genre: slice of life


A man sat on the steps to the library, every day in any weather. Beside him stood a sign.

I am anti-human. I think humans are judgmental idiots who will use any excuse to divide and destroy. Convince me why I shouldn’t just destroy us all.

People of all race, gender, religion, alignment, and more took up the man’s challenge. They told him about all the good and beautiful in the world.

He discovered their beliefs and values, then asked their opinion on the people who disagreed.

That’s when the conversation often turned ugly very quickly. And the uglier it got, the more smug the man became.

But there were also those who were determined to prove him wrong, and maintained a level head as the man goaded them into a surprisingly civil discussion about their values.

The police rarely intervened. The man was always civil, and it was always amusing to watch him turn someone’s world upside down.

One day, a girl sat at the man’s usual spot.

“I’m anti-human too,” she said, “Your kind of anti-human. I don’t like people who can’t tell the difference between having a different opinion and hate.”

“We’ll see about that.” The man set up his sign as usual and settled beside her.

“Let’s talk.”


3 thoughts on “Short Story: Anti-Human

  1. ooh powerful comment, I like challenging others and your character does it in a very confronting manner … interesting to see if the agro ones even ‘get it’ šŸ˜‰

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