Short Story: Good Weather

Genre: slice of life


Good weather for his friends meant clear, sunny skies they could warm themselves under.

He disagreed.

His idea of good weather was dim skies filled with clouds that blocked the sun from his sensitive skin.

“Dude, drop the umbrella. We’re at the beach!”

He tightened his grip on his umbrella, just in case his friend decided to be ‘fun’ and take it away.

“I don’t tan under the sun. I burn. If I have to pick between getting sunburnt or getting weird looks, I’ll take weird looks any day.”

“Well, you do you.” His friend shrugged. “Join us when you feel like it.”

Which would not happen as long as the sun was out.

An hour later, the clouds rolled in and cast shadows over the beach.

Now this was his kind of weather.


2 thoughts on “Short Story: Good Weather

  1. A very good point. I like sunshine, but I burn quite easily and so wear a hat and sometimes carry an Umbrella in it. We have had two months of hot sun now and it’s too hot to sleep at night. Some people love it, but I just want some cooler weather and a bit of rain. 🙂

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