Short Story: An Issue of Trust

Genre: slice of life


The remains of the eaten cake matched the chocolate stains on her face. The evidence could not be denied.

“It wasn’t me,” she said.

From anyone else, the words would just be a barefaced lie of a guilty culprit caught red handed.

From her, however, who was famous for her candor, the words presented a tough choice.

Disregard the evidence and consider her innocent.

Or disregard her character and judge her guilty.

This wasn’t the first time he had to face this decision in the past month. Either her character had changed, or something fishy was going on.

Hiding his intention, he investigated her. It took him another month and two more strange incidents before he found the answer.

The culprit, in the end, wasn’t their candid friend but her jealous rival. A weight lifted off him as they led the true culprit away.

If he couldn’t trust the one person who could be trusted, then he couldn’t trust anyone else.


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