Short Story: Stable Dreams

The dream world is very much like an alternate reality. Where the real world is bound by laws natural and man-made, dreams have no such limits. As long as it can be imagined, it can exist.

Dreamers have no problems with this. In a dream, everything makes sense, and even the most random piffle falls perfectly into place.

It is the dreamwalkers, who are still constrained by their expectations from the real world, who have to constantly rearrange their perception of ‘normal’ and ‘impossible’. Every dreamscape runs on its own every changing rules, and a dreamwalker who clings tightly to their ideals of ‘how the world works’ will have a difficult time ahead.

Like this young one.

Even the real world lacks the order she craves. Dreamwalking, despite its great potential, may be more of a curse than a blessing for her.

In the real world, she is the little miss of the estate, and he is just a struggling student working during his summer break. He does not have the ability to dreamwalk, but he is a lucid dreamer, and now he has a permanent job for the foreseeable future.

Where the rest of the dream world is chaotic and unpredictable, his dreamscape is carefully controlled so that the little miss is never unpleasantly surprised. It is to be a safe haven for the little miss, not just from the chaos, but other malicious dreamwalkers.

On one hand, he gets paid a lot for something he literally does in his sleep.

On the other hand, in providing a safe haven for the little miss, he lost his own. Can’t let his dreams unfold naturally and run wild when he has to watch out for the little miss.

Maybe he’ll get used to it, or maybe a time will come when the little miss no longer needs to hide in his dreams. Either way, this is paying his fees, so regardless of his personal feelings, he’ll create the best haven the little miss will ever find.


Genre: fantasy

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