Short Story: Creative Block

Genre: slice of life, family


“I mean, some days I can write pages and pages and pages in one sitting, but today’s not that day. It took me the whole morning to write two lines. Two lines. That’s nothing,” the writer complained.

The composer just grunted and tried to tune the noise out.

“Do you know how bad that is? Terrible. Disastrous. Catastrophic.”

“Go out for a walk.”

“Tried that. Only got half a page’s material at most. I’m supposed to have a novella ready in two weeks!”

“Stand on your head.”

“I’ll only get a headache from that.”

“Go bother someone else.”

The writer gasped dramatically. “You’ll throw a struggling creative out when she needs you most? Your own sister.”

The composer had enough. He hauled the writer to her feet and turned her to the door.

“I have a symphony due next week that’s worth half my grade. Nothing and no one is allowed to bother my until I’m done. Good day.”

The door slammed shut.

“How rude.”

The writer’s eyes lit up.

“I’ve got it!”

The writer rushed off to chase her new plot bunny.


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