Short Story: Six Months

Genre: romance


He loved like a slow cooker, long and slow.

She loved like fireworks. BANG! And it was over.

So when she confessed to him, it was both the best and the worst thing that could have happened.

The best, because the woman he had a crush on liked him too.

The worst, because her infatuation, like all the others she’d had before, would be over in a week.

“I’m flattered, but we both know this is just a phase,” he said.

“But I’m serious,” she insisted.

“You said the same thing with Robert, and Jack, and Tom.”

“Yes, but I didn’t confess to them.”

That… was true.

“If you still feel the same way after six months, I’ll consider it.”

“Six months? That’s too long. What about three?”

“So you’re not serious then?”

Her lips twisted into a pout. “Fine. Six months.”

Life resumed. He forgot about the conversation.

She didn’t.

“It’s been six month,” she said out of the blue.


“I still like you.”

It took him an embarrassingly long time before he remembered what she was talking about. By then, she had transitioned from nervous to indignant.

“You forgot!”

“I thought you already moved on!” he defended himself.

“Well, I didn’t, so take me seriously. I like you,” she said, repeating what she confessed to him half a year ago. He couldn’t believe it. She really didn’t change her mind.

“Me too,” he said, still in a shocked daze, “I’ve liked you for more than two years now.”

Indignation turned to wonder, then back again. She slapped his shoulder. “Then why did you make me wait six months?”

“I had to be sure. You change your mind all the time. I didn’t want to just be another ‘crush of the week’.” He twisted away when she slapped his shoulder again.

“That’s because I wasn’t serious about them. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve never confessed to any of those ‘crush of the week’,” she said.

Looking back, she was right.

“I’m sorry?”

She folded her arms with a huff. “You should be. Compensate me for all the sleepless nights I’ve had because you made me wait six months.”

He could have pointed out that he had been waiting for even longer, but he hadn’t waited so long just to get into a fight with her when they could be starting a new chapter together.

“Sure. I’ll bring you out on a date to remember.”

An amused smile softened her face, and he fell in love all over again.

“I can’t wait.”


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