Short Story: A Man of Few Words

Genre: general


Her husband was a taciturn man who spoke as if he only had a limited amount of words for his lifetime and if he used them up too early, he would spend the rest of his life mute.

So when he spoke, his words held weight, and no weight could be heavier than the responsibility of talking down a boy from the edge of a cliff.

As she called for the police, her husband talked until he sat side by side with the boy, then he kept talking until the boy opened up, and it was their turn to listen.

Later, after the boy stepped back into safety and into the hands of the police, her husband stood, lost in thoughts. To her, his thoughts were as clear as day.

“I agree. Let’s talk with his parents,” she said.

Her husband smiled and pulled her into a kiss.

“I love you.”

That week, with the support of the boy’s parents, her husband became a mentor.


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