Short Story: Never Ending Race

Genre: slice of life
DD – Department of Defence


It was almost a rite of passage for new Fighters to try and uncover the enigma which was Shadow. None of the seniors expected actual success, but it was always funny to watch their juniors’ attempts to outsmart and corner Shadow, DD’s number one Fighter.

The more opportunistic seniors harnessed the curiosity by incorporating Shadow into their training.

“Practice these skills and you could sneak up on Shadow.”

“We’re going to learn some manoeuvres as a squad. When you’re ready, Shadow has agreed to spar with us. Work together so we can have a good fight.”

Shadow, herself, accepted the challenge with good humour, taking the chance to train herself too. It was a never ending race. As the rest of the department improved with each wave of new blood, Shadow rose to the challenge, in turn challenging everyone else to come up with more creative ideas and skilled execution to take her down.

Who was Shadow?

No one knew, but they would keep improving until the day came when they could catch her and ask.


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