Short Story: Comforting Softness

Genre: general


Too loud. Hurts. Go away. Go AWAY.

“Here. Feel this,” a soft voice says and something even softer is pressed into my hands.

It’s like touching cotton candy, except it doesn’t melt when I touch it. I bunch more of the voluptuous fabric in my hands and knead them. The harder I squeeze, the easier it is for me to push the noise away.

“Let’s go somewhere else.”

A firm hand pulls me to my feet and I follow the lady to a small, cozy room, soft all over and blissfully dark because of the closed curtains.

“How’s grandma?”

“She’s calming down. Just give her some space.”

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s alright. Just be quiet next time. You know how grandma is with loud noises.”

I sink into the softness and let everything else fade away.


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