Short Story: Enraptured Audience

Genre: slice of life


The children (it was always the children) watched his magic tricks with wide smiles, enraptured by his magic tricks. He was glad that they enjoyed his hard-earned skills so much, though he was also a little sad that they were his primary audience.

He didn’t became a magician to entertain children but to woo the ladies, as his father and his grandfather had before him. It had worked for them, and he hoped that it would work for him too.

The children gasped as he turned an egg into a dove with a flick of his hand. A little part of the egg slipped back into view but he kept his smile as he covered his error.

“And for my final trick, I need an assistant,” he said. Enthusiastic cheers met his announcement.

One day, he would magic his way into an amazing woman’s heart. Until then, he would perfect his skills on this wonderfully forgiving audience.


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