Short Story: Contradictory Companion

Genre: slice of life, family


His sister was the most venturesome person he knew. She always looked out for new locations, unique flavour combinations, limited time events and more.

His sister was the most fearful person he knew. She kept her bag packed with emergency supplies, first aid essentials, and even spare clothing.

“You never know what will happen,” she would say when asked, right before doing something crazy like throwing herself off a cliff into a lake below.

The contradiction made his sister a great travelling companion. She had a knack for finding the obscure and interesting in every area, and he could follow along without fear knowing that his sister had already prepared for all kinds of disasters. The only price he had to pay was following his sister’s punishing pace.

“This way!” his sister said as he was still gaping at the mind blowing bioluminescent underground waterfall, the fifth hidden gem they had found that morning.

“Right behind you.” He snapped a hasty picture and jogged after his sister to the next grand sight.


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