Short Story: PLANs

There were plans. Prepared, discussed, and practised in the safety of their training room within the city wall.

Then there were PLANs.

Let us
Not die

20% skills, 30% reflex, 50% chance, 100% effort to squash the panic down and 0% time to hold a strategy meeting.

It wasn’t possible to have a plan for every single thing that could go wrong on a mission, but the feeling of terror could be replicated. And once they got used to fighting under emotional duress, they would be able to react and survive better when missions went wrong outside the wall.

At least, that was what the training specialists said, and the Fighters would believe them more if they didn’t cackle with glee as they showered the capture the flag field with glitter bombs that smelled like pungent poop.

For a week afterwards, the Department of Defence was very sparkly and… fragrant.

Truly, the most terrifying monsters weren’t the ones outside the wall.



Genre: fantasy

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