Short Story: Shadow of Comparison

Her mother could serenade stone.

Her father could draw rainbows with one pencil.

Her sister could cook five course meals with a coffee maker.

Her brother could play any song using any instrument under the sun.

She could… write words.

Ok. That wasn’t a fair assessment of what she could do, but compared to what the rest of her family did, writing just didn’t have the same wow factor.

She had tried to do what her family did. Boy, had she tried. But while she could be good at other things, she just didn’t have the passion to become great.

What was wrong with writing? Nothing. It had just been distorted by the ugly shadow of comparison. Something that she had taken much too long to realise.

She couldn’t do what her family could do, but that was fine. There were things she could do that they couldn’t do either, and she could take pride in that.

She still found herself comparing.

When her sister made the perfect croissants for breakfast.

When her brother casually plucked a blade of grass to play a song.

When her mother sang and everyone in hearing range stopped, spellbound.

When her father unveiled his latest breathtaking artwork.

But she was learning to take pride in her own talents. And one day, it would be her turn to shine.


Genre: slice of life


Writing is something I’ve always had… an inferiority complex about? It’s not like music or art or sports, where anyone can notice at a glance and appreciate. It takes time and effort to actually read something, or it’ll just be a wall of text.

My younger sister is the one who’s musical and artsy. It’s easy to feel jealous and to compare when people ooh and aah over what she does, but I’m learning to value my own strengths too. Just because something isn’t as celebrated doesn’t make it less precious. Whatever your gifts are, go for it.

Talking about my younger sister, she just posted a beautiful cover of ‘How To Save A Life’ on youtube. Check it out here!

Rebecca, well done and I’m proud of you 🙂

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