Short Story: Not Because of Him

The insincere mea culpa did nothing to appease her anger or her hurt. He had cost her her career and left a black mark that would forever stain her history, all because of a thoughtless whim, and he couldn’t even bother to apologise for it properly.

“Calm down. Don’t do anything you’ll regret,” her friend said with a hand on her arm.

“Too late. I already met him,” she said through gritted teeth, but let her friend hold her back. With much effort, she accept the sorry excuse of an apology and turned her attention to fixing the damages he had left behind.

Then he turned up at her neighbourhood, delirious from an infected wound that he probably deserved. People walked past with muted whispers and a hardened heart. His face was well known, and not for good reasons.

She could leave him alone. No one would think any less of her if she rightly decided to keep herself safe from a known danger.

But she wasn’t the type of person to turn a blind eye, and she refused to change, not because of him.

She pulled out her phone and called the ambulance.



Genre: general

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