Short Story: Clothes for Loved Ones

They called her old fashioned and behind the times for wanting to sew her owns clothes instead of buying them from the store.

“It’s so convenient. You just need to pick the designs you like and you can wear it straight away.”

But clothes making was a craft she dedicated herself to long ago. It wasn’t the instant solution the modern generation was fond of, but it had its merits.

She had complete control over her creation and tailor made them to the intended wearer. Clothes that would grow with a growing child, practical pockets for the females in her life, and secret pockets for the males in her life for their courting gifts and the ever precious engagement ring (ah, her boys grew up so quickly).

Every stitch was a prayer of health, safety, peace. That the children would grow and mature safely into adulthood, that her girls would find men who would respect and honour them, that her boys would find women who would inspire them to be the best they could be.

Her loved ones couldn’t get that from clothing off the rack.



Genre: family

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