Short Story: Intense Gaze

There weren’t many who could meet his gaze. His family could, young children might, his friends learnt to, but by and large, peoples’ gaze were like butter, sliding away from his despite their efforts.

“You’re too intense. Lighten up,” his family and friends said, but how? Even when he daydreamed his gaze intimidated others, and that was already the most relaxed state he could be.

After years of trying, he gave up and accepted his lot in life. There were others with greater struggles. He couldn’t complain.

Then came the comment that changed his life.

“You should be a police officer. Just on look and the suspect will spill all their secrets.”

He was certain that things weren’t as simple as that, but it did spark an idea. People always said to ‘play to your strengths’, right?

He enrolled into the police academy the very next day.



Genre: slice of life

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