Short Story: Guest Room Beginning

After ten years, she finally painted the guest room.

Before the paint even dried, two supers crashed through the wall.

“I won’t let you get away with this!” declared one to the other.

“As if you can actually catch me,” the other crowed.

They circled each other in her damaged, still wet room, braced for another battle.

Not on her watch.

She grabbed them by the ears and pulled them to sit seiza-style before her. Years of motherhood and teacherhood had her falling into the familiar rhythm of lecturing naughty children. It didn’t matter that these were young men strong enough to rip her house apart with their bare hands, they needed to learn to respect other people’s property and to take responsibility for their actions.

And that was how she ended up kinda-semi-adopting two supers. After they fixed her home first.



Genre: fantasy, superpower, slice of life

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