Short Story: The Fears of Ferrymen

Their job was to ferry things between the mainland and the island. They didn’t know what or who were on the island, and half the time they didn’t even know what was on their simple boat, but they were desperate people trying to get by, and desperation was a great antidote to curiosity.

So when a strong creature leapt into their boat as they left the island, it wasn’t an exciting encounter but a frightening threat to their livelihood.

“Help me.”

They looked between the creature and the island. A different fear gripped them. Now that they had seen the creature, would they be allowed to live?

They might have remained forever frozen on the lake from indecision if they hadn’t been spotted. An alarm sounded from the island, and they found themselves under attack.

The creature sprang into action and covered them.


Fear for their life triumphed over all their other fears. They sped away from their usual course into an unknown future.



Genre: fantasy

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