Short Story: Rash Decision

“This one’s a keeper,” her son said. The puppy in his hands did its best to lick its nose.

“No,” she said.

“But he has a cat on his back. Look.” He turned the puppy to show a patch of fur that looked like a cat’s face.


“But why?”

“Because you’re allergic to dogs.”

“Only a little,” he said, even as angry rashes took over his arms. She pulled out an EpiPen.

“Put it down before you go into shock.”

He pouted and set the puppy down on the floor. She released the breath she had been holding and swapped the EpiPen for a steroid cream.

“Now come here.” She gestured towards him.

Her son scrunched face but obediently gave her his arms. She spread the cream over the swollen skin and silently looked forward to the day when his dislike of the cream overrode his love for dogs.


Genre: slice of life


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