Short Story: Why Work for a Supervillain?

What would make a man turn his back on the law to work for a supervillain?

Well, he couldn’t say for everyone else, but for him, it was all about the money. Righteousness wouldn’t put food on the table. Ideals didn’t pay the bills. Only a paycheck could do that. No matter where it came from.

Also, working for a supervillain wasn’t as unlawful as people might think. The controversial Alignment Register of ‘superhero’, ‘neutral’, ‘supervillain’ basically acknowledged supervillains as part of their society. And if supervillains were legal enough to be given rules and budgets for their plans, then it was legal enough for him to work for one.

No. That wasn’t it.

Why did he choose to work for a supervillain?

Because he loved the thrill of doing the impossible, which was his supervillain boss’ goal in everything she did.

And it paid the bills. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Genre: fantasy, superhero

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