Short Story: Unplanned Return Trip

He had planned to go alone with a one-way ticket, and if everything went according to plan, no one would know until he was already gone.

His plan hadn’t factored in his too-helpful sister finding out his secret trip.

“The return trip is cheaper than a one-way ticket. How strange is that?” she said as she clicked away at his laptop, “And there’s a buy one get one free deal. Let’s get that.”

“I don’t know how long I want to travel for,” he lied.

“Then any date is as good as any other. How about 9 days? It’s not the holiday peak season so I’m sure we can get some double rooms for cheap.”

Despite his attempts to discourage and distract, his sister invited herself on his trip with uncharacteristic bullheadedness. That wouldn’t do. Not for the purpose he wanted this trip to serve.

“I just want a trip on my own,” he finally said. If hints wouldn’t work, then maybe a straight declaration would.

“I know,” his sister said and looked up, “But I have this really nasty feeling that if I let you go alone, I’ll never see you again.”

Her gaze caught him like a snare. His excuses and cover stories froze in his suddenly dry throat.

She turned back to his laptop without waiting for a reply. The sound of fingers tapping on the keyboard and her commentary of their options filled the emptiness in his room. He sat back and let her barge into his plans.

One acceptance didn’t cover all the other rejections he had faced, but it helped. Maybe, he could hang on a little longer.


Genre: family


Read more about the sister in Survival Qualms and Logic versus Instincts.

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