Short Story: The Giant Plushie

A giant plushie sat in the room.

“Did you find the plushie?” her classmate asked.

“Yup.” In fact, the massive plushie dominating the room was the only thing she could see.

“Great. Bring it over.”

She looked up at the plushie that towered over her.


“What do you mean how? Just pick it up.”

“It’s bigger than me.”

“What are you talking about?” Her classmate walked over from the living room to join her, only to pause at the door. “Wow. That’s huge.”

“As you can see, I can’t ‘just pick it up’.”

“Oh. I wasn’t talking about this plushie.” Her classmate walked around the giant plushie to pick up a much smaller plushie off the shelf and shook it for emphasis. “This one.”

“Then what’s this one?” She gestured to the giant plushie.

“Dunno.” Her classmate shrugged as he walked around the giant plushie once more. “Must be something my brother’s doing for his channel.”

“That’s right!” the giant plushie said and waved its arms.

She screamed and punched the plushie so hard it rolled on its back.

Later, after her classmate stopped laughing and his brother crawled out of the giant plushie, she learnt that she had just been filmed in her classmate’s brother’s reaction video for his channel.

She sulked quietly at the prank while the two brothers reviewed the footage. Whatever they saw must have been good because they turned to her with twin looks of excitement.

“Can we publish this?” the two brothers asked.

“… Fine,” she said. She was never, ever, ever coming back to this house.

One week later…

“My brother made a whole table of panna cottas. Wanna come over and help us eat some?”



Genre: slice of life

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