Short Story: From Across the Street

The public saw a homeless man and their gaze slid naturally off him. Even slumped on his side, not a single person tried to wake him.


Leaving his physical body to the unwitting protection of the uncaring public, his conscience flew towards the building across him.

In this form, he had no physical presence to trigger any alarm. He passed through the doors that kept him out, went unnoticed by the staff who wouldn’t let him in, and…

And where are you going?

He hit an unseen wall that flung him back across the street into his body. His body jolted, startling the one bird that had settled on his motionless body. Despite his pounding head, he smiled.

This was it.

He settled back down on the hard street and tried again. The same person flung him back out just moments later, but he didn’t let it faze him. After all his wandering, he finally found someone else like him. 

There was no way he was giving up now.

He charged again and again, until his mind was so muddled he couldn’t even tell whether he was in his body or out.

What do you want?

Iwantnotaloneteachmeyou his scrambled thoughts sprung up in response.

For a long time, the other voice was silent. Then.

Ah. Well, then. If you come in, I’ll accept you as my student.

His body didn’t want to move, but he refused to lose the chance when he had fought to come so close. He forced himself to his feet and stumbled like a drunk across the street. In his haze, he didn’t realise he had reached the house until he bumped into a wall.

“Well done. Now get some rest.”



Genre: fantasy

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