Short Story: Tempting Offer

It was a tempting offer.

“Buy one, get two free.”

Too tempting.

“If you buy now I’ll also give you this.”

Something had to be up.


“I don’t want you to buy from her,” the shopkeeper pointed to the next store.

“Even if you lose money?”

The shopkeeper nodded.

Huh. There really were people who would cut their nose to spite their face. The question was, would he help?

“How about this. I don’t buy from you, and I won’t buy from her.”

The shopkeeper shook the items for emphasis. “It’s a good offer.”

“A very good offer. But I don’t want to make you lose money.”

Conflicted emotions wavered on the shopkeeper’s face. He quickly ducked out of the stall.

“Have a nice day,” he said and escaped back into the busy human river.

Phew. Competition was tough.


Genre: slice of life
A/N: In celebration of reaching a milestone, I’m looking for questions. If you have any questions about me or Logical Dreams, please head over to this post and leave a comment 🙂

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