Short Story: Daily Routine

DD – Department of Defence


Every morning, Alan started his day by watching the pulchritudinous sunrise from his roof. As the sky changed hues above him, he sorted and settled his thoughts within.

Then it was a hearty breakfast and a quick jog to work. He arrived at DD feeling comfortably warm and let himself into his squad’s training room.

He turned on the lights with a familiar swipe, then settled into his usual stretches. He took it slow, letting his mind cool as his body warmed up.

One by one, his squadmates arrived, becoming rowdier and rowdier as the squad assembled.

Finally, the squad was complete. Alan rose to his feet with a deep breath, marking the end of his predictable morning routine and the beginning of the controlled chaos they called ‘training’.

“Good morning.”

“Good morning, Captain!”


Genre: slice of life


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