Short Story: Bunnies on the Loose

The moment she logged in, the game greeted her with an event quest.

Bunnies on the loose

The magic academy has lost their bunnies. Collect and return them to the headmaster for hare-rific rewards. But be gentle, because these are special magical bunnies. If you agitate them, they’ll fight back! 

It was a low-effort quest, easily achievable just by playing the game. She slid the quest progress counter to the corner of her screen and set off to join her guild mates for a raid.

She found her first rabbit before she reached the meeting spot. Well, might as well get started on the event quest.

She double clicked on the rabbit to pick it up, as she would pick up any item in the game. Immediately, the rabbit’s display name turned from white to red and the little rabbit burst into a wererabbit twice as tall as her avatar.

Later, after chatting with the guild and a quick search online, she would find out that the ‘correct’ way to collect the magic rabbits was to right click on it to access an action menu and select the option to lure the rabbit with special magic carrots.

But that was later. Right now, she had an angry wererabbit that wasn’t going anywhere without a fight.

Usually, she played the support role from the backline as a healer-buffer, but this time…

She swapped her staff for a pair of knuckles.

… she could make an exception.



Genre: slice of life

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