Short Story: Unyielding

Hunger ripped through his dreamless sleep. He woke with a snarl. His body writhed on the table, held in place by bands over his limbs.

Just two steps away, a man stood. If he could just reach over, he’d eat the man from head to toe to fill the void in him. His eyes narrowed on the human as he tugged and twisted.

“So we’ve managed to bring back the human form but not the mind.”

“Someone get the tranquilliser.”

“Shadow, it’s your turn. Everyone else stay back. We don’t want any accidents.”

Something shifted around his right wrist. He pulled and pushed and dragged his wrist free. With his free hand he wrenched the rest of himself free and he launched himself at the closest human, a girl with long purple hair.

Just as his hands closed over the girl’s head, the girl twisted out of his grasp and grabbed him instead, trapping both his hands in one iron grip. She pushed him back and pinned his legs against the table, then pushed him down with a hand over his eyes.

He hissed and bucked, but the girl didn’t budge. A unyielding weight pressed on his body, then his mind, and forced him back into a dreamless sleep.


Genre: fantasy

Part of the Defenders of the Wall universe.


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