NaNoWriMo 2019 Chapter 2

Disclaimer: This is a NaNoWriMo attempt where quantity trumps quality. This will also be a long piece, so if you’re looking for a quick read, I would recommend checking out a different category like Short Stories.

Read Chapter 1 here.


~Chapter 2 A Day In With Lucy~

Her hair really is long.

It’s the day after she first woke up, and she has recovered enough strength to leave her bed and make a trip to the bathroom next door for a much appreciated shower. Going in, she already knew her hair was unusually long, thanks to Lucy, but she hadn’t properly understood the significance of having long hair until she had to wrestle with washing the seemingly endless amount of hair and drying it afterwards.

So now, she has a choice to make. Keep and maintain her impractically long hair, or make the irreversible decision to cut it all off.

It’ll be a lot easier if she knows why her pre-amnesia self kept her hair long. And there has to be a reason. She may have lost her memories, but even she knows that knee-long hair does not grow overnight.

But… she may never regain her memories. And it that happens, is she willing to carry all this inconvenient dead weight around?

A knock draws her attention to the bathroom door.

“Anastasia, is everything alright?” Lucy asks from the other side of the door.

“Yes,” she answers. With care, she sweeps her hair out of the way and reach out to unlock the door. Lucy immediately pushes the door open and pokes her head in.

Noticing her attention on the mirror, Lucy asks, “What are you thinking about?”

“I’m deciding if I should cut my hair,” she replies.

The mirror captures Lucy’s unmistakable horror.

“No! Do you know how hard it is to grow your hair out as long as yours? Forever! And believe me, I’ve tried. The longest I could grow to was my waist, which took years, and it wouldn’t grow any longer than that. So not only does it take forever, it’s impossible for some people. If you’re going to cut it off I’d rather you give it to me.”

She doesn’t remember a lot of things, but she’s pretty sure that hair can’t be ‘given’ to each other like that. Unless Lucy wants a wig? Anyway, it’s confirmation that her past self has achieved a great feat that she should not get rid of so thoughtlessly.

“But it’s very inconvenient. And potentially hazardous.” She has already caught her hair on a few things and almost tripped herself with her hair a few times. And that’s just from travelling between two rooms.

“That’s an easy fix. Just tie it up. In fact, I’ll help you tie your hair if you promise not to cut it short. Deal?” Lucy says.

That works perfectly fine for her. “Deal.”

“Go to your room and take a seat. I’ll grab some things and join you soon,” Lucy says and dash off.

That’s not a problem. She returns to the room the guild has graciously allowed her to stay in and sinks gladly into a chair. All she did was take a shower, and she’s already exhausted. Is this because she has a weak body or because she is still recovering from an injury serious enough to make her lose her memories? Only time will tell. She hopes it’s the latter, because life would be inconvenient if even taking a shower leaves her breathless.

Lucy returns with a brush and some hair ties.

“We’ll start with something simple. I’m thinking of one big braid. What do you think?” Lucy says as she begins to brush her hair.

“That’s fine. As long as it’s easy to manage,” she says.

“No problem.”

She only gave her hair a quick comb earlier, so Lucy still has her work cut out for her. But the green-eyed girl doesn’t seem put off by it at all. As Lucy brushes her long hair, she also talks about anything that crosses her mind. She talks about how Reuben has been hogging the bathroom downstairs, about Mr Mister’s fruit stall at the corner of the market that just received a fresh batch of lychees, about Mrs Brown’s missing pet puppy that they found sleeping in Mr Brown’s tool shed.

Lucy never runs out of things to talk about and is more than happy to carry the conversation all by herself as her dexterous fingers weaves the long hair together. That’s perfectly fine with her. In the time Lucy takes to brush and braid her hair, she learns about a hundred different things that’s happening out there. She can’t ask for a better way to find out more about this unfamiliar place.

“What do you think?” Lucy asks when she is done.

She turns her head this way and that experimentally. The cumbersome sheet of hair follows obediently in a long braid.

“Much better,” she says.

Lucy laugh and says, “You haven’t even looked in the mirror. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Now, let’s go downstairs. It’s lunch time now and I’m starving.”

She follows Lucy out of her room, away from the bathroom into new territory. More doors line the corridor on both sides, all closed, some with names marked on the door in various styles. Some are simple, others have more character, like Lucy’s brightly decorated door.

They don’t see anyone else upstairs, and the whole building is quiet except for Lucy’s constant chatter as they walk down the stairs, through a spacious living area, into a large kitchen. The place is obviously lived in, with personal items left around and little messes left behind here and there. Yet, she can’t see anyone else in the large house other than her and Lucy.

“Where’s Julia?” she asks.

“Julia went out with Boss to run some errands,” Lucy says as she grabs a pair of bowls and spoons from a cupboard, one set for each of them.

“What about everyone else?” she asks, remembering the names they passed by earlier.

“Everyone’s out hunting,” Lucy says.

“Hunting?” she asks.

“Yup. That’s what we do,” Lucy says as she ladles something mouth watering into their bowls. “Hope you’re not allergic to anything. Derek made us some porridge before he went out. That should be easy on your stomach.”

“Thank you,” she says and accepts the offered bowl.

Lucy takes a seat at the island table in the kitchen. She follows, taking care to sweep her braid out of the way so that she doesn’t accidentally sit on it.

“What do you hunt?” she asks.


Yellow eyes flashed above an angry snarl.

Her spoon slips from her fingers and clatters on the table.

“Anastasia?” Lucy asks, “What’s wrong?”

“Do monsters have yellow eyes?” she asks.

“Most do. Why?” Lucy asks before she gasps as a thought strikes her. “Did you just have a flashback?”

“I… I think so? It was just a flash,” she says, already wondering if she saw what she thinks she saw.

“That’s why they’re called ‘flash’backs. What did you see?” Lucy asks with an excited gleam in her eyes.

“Yellow eyes. About this close.” She stretches an arm out. It’s not a large distance, a part of her notes. She was either attacked, or in battle.

“Julia said that I was found injured. What kind of injury did I have?” she asks.

Lucy replies with uncharacteristic silence. When she turns to look at the other girl, she sees an uncertain frown on Lucy’s face as she looks around, as if looking for something.

“I think…” Lucy finally says, “You should ask Julia. You know how medics are. They’re overprotective with their patients. Did you know Julia made me clean five storerooms just because I talked about you? I didn’t even know we had five storerooms before this. And believe me, that’s a lot of storerooms.”

Lucy shudders from the memory and her face scrunches up in disgruntlement. It’s a terrible thing to do, but Anastasia couldn’t help but laugh.

“Now stop getting me into trouble and eat your porridge,” Lucy says with mock annoyance.

“Yes, Lucy.”

~End Chapter 2~


Read Chapter 3 here.


Chapter word count: 1318

Total word count: 2301

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