Short Story: The Secret in the Night Terror

The nature of night terrors was that despite the intense fear it caused in the sleeper, the details were often forgotten once the sleeper awoke. Which was a problem for her clients, who needed the information in the night terror.

That was where she came in.

As a dreamwalker, she could enter the night terror and take the information out into reality. All they needed to do was wait, and once the night terror began, so did her role.

Going to sleep in a stranger’s place didn’t get easier, but it got less weird. With practised discipline, she slipped from reality into the dreaming world. From there, it was a hop, skip, and a jump away to the night terror of interest. She would go in, get the information her clients were after, get out, get some moolah, and go home happy with another success under her belt.

Then she saw the secret hidden inside the night terror, and she knew she wouldn’t be allowed to waltz out of this job so easily.

Time to pay her favourite bodyguard a visit. She hope he was still asleep.


Genre: fantasy


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