Short Story: Trapped in a Shelter

They had run into the cave for shelter from the rain, only for it to turn into downpour that became a solid wall that turned their shelter into a trap.

That was yesterday, and the rain showed no signs of stopping. Wearing only the light swimwear they had on when the rain started, one of them had already fallen ill, and the rest would surely follow if nothing changed.

“I found something.”

Always full of energy, his sister had explored the caves while they waited out the rain. They turned their attention to her.

“There’s an exit on the other side where the rain isn’t as heavy,” she said.

They followed her deeper into the cave. It was dark, but they had been in the cave long enough to adjust to moving in low light. Without a word, they followed her until the light changed.

His spirit lifted when he realised that there was light.

“Over there.”

Before them was a bend in the tunnel, lit by the light that streamed in from the other side.

And in between them and that bend was a maelstrom.

Perhaps on a normal day, a stream cut through the path they were on, but all the water from the downpour outside fed into the body of water until it churned and thrashed like an angry beast. He imagined the beast snapping its jaws on his sister to a watery death.

This was their way out?

He grabbed his sister before she jumped in. She turned to him with righteousness indignation, but softened at the look on his face.

“Let’s try another way,” he suggested.

She didn’t sigh out loud, but he was certain she did internally.




Genre: general

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