Short Story: A Life of Fighting

She had grown up fighting. Fighting with the land for food, fighting the monsters to live, fighting her own fears as she and the people around her went out to fight again and again.

This was the life of a pioneer, the ones who lived outside beyond the walls so that others could live inside. It was the only life she knew. Even the breaks they took occasionally inside the wall were just that. Evanescent breaks, characterised by brief periods of nothingness in between all the fighting.

And now she was offered the chance to turn those short breaks into her normal life.

Her family had completed their mission. They had defended the land assigned to them outside the walls until new walls could be built around it. Now the wasteland was a new district in they city, and they had a choice: stay inside the wall or keep fighting outside.

She didn’t even need to think. She had grown up outside the wall, fighting for her life every day. The prospect of staying inside the wall, living each day as mind-numbingly placid as the next, scares her more than anything.

People might think she was crazy, but to fight was to live, and she would rather face death head on every day outside the wall than wither way inside.



Genre: fantasy

Takes place in the Defenders of the Wall universe.


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