Short Story: Playing IT Support

I was born with one brown eye and one black one. The brown eye sees things as they are, and although the black one does not always see the things in front of me, it can see much more.

It sees the past.

Most of the time, I use my special sight to look for missing people. But sometimes, I get other requests too.

A series of unfortunate events have wiped the data from one of the other departments’ hard drive. It’s a terrible blow, as all the other copies of the data have also met similar fates.

Sounds suspicious? Definitely.

Normally, at Uncle Jame’s insistence, I don’t get involved with the crime solving part of the police force, but this isn’t just any crime. This is a betrayal from one of our own.

look at the hard drive.

While talking with someone else, Officer Rudy bumped into the cleaning staff, whose elbow hit the hard dive on the table and knocked it to the ground. Raising a hand to the cleaning staff, Officer Rudy reached down to pick it up, discreetly waving the magnet hidden in his sleeve over the hard drive.

watch as the officer goes through the other copies, be it physically stored in safes or other drives, or online in a private cloud or electronic storage. He wipes everything clean, including traces of his own tampering, but no matter how skilled he is at covering his tracks, there is no changing the past.

I pass all the information I can get to my uncle, who will investigate the traitor hiding among us. Now I move on to my next unusual task.

Playing IT support to recover the lost data.

I can’t get the files back, but I can still read the files. Together with the team investigating the sabotaged case, we go through the data that was wiped, one file at a time.

Rebuilding the case after this setback is going to be tough, even with my help. I don’t envy the hard road ahead for this team.

Uncle James leaned in, face hard as he talked to Officer Rudy.

And I don’t envy Officer Rudy even more.



Genre: fantasy, speculative fiction

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