Short Story: To Catch A Train

Her train leaves in ten minutes.

The house is in a mess. The laundry is still waiting in the washing machine, the dishes are still soaking in the sink, and she doesn’t even want to think about the disaster which is her kitchen stove.

But none of that matters, because her train leaves in ten minutes, and she needs to get on that train no matter what.

Before her, however, sits an obstacle.

Their massive house cat, who is really more fur than cat, sits leisurely on their doormat, right in front of the door.

“Move please,” she says as she pulls on her shoes.

All the cat does is purr.

She narrows her eyes.

“You’re no help,” she mutters.

The fluffy cat leaves her with no choice. She shoves him out of the way with her foot and runs for the door.

The cat yowls.




Genre: slice of life

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