Short Story: The Pool of Blessings

Before entering the sanctuary, it was customary to first visit the pool of blessings to clean oneself of any impurities.


The half-naked trespasser launched off a rock and dove into the peaceful pool with a noisy splash.

“Come in. The water’s great!” the trespasser said to his companions.

The sanctuary guardian gripped her staff. Enough was enough. She stepped out into view.

“This is a sacred place. If you are not here to pay your respects, please leave right now,” she said.

The trespasser gasped. “A guardian. In the flesh!”

He splashed noisily towards her. She flinched and raised her staff.

“Stay back!”

In the blink of an eye, the trespasser turned into a frog and dropped into the pool with a quiet plop.


The trespasser’s companions screamed and jumped into the pool after him. She looked into the clear water, where a frog spiralled in confused circles.

These people didn’t know it yet, but catching their friend-turned-frog was only the beginning. Unfortunately for everyone involved, her ability to counter spells was mediocre at best. It would take her more than a few tries to turn the trespasser back to normal.

She sighed.

It was going to be a long day.


Genre: fantasy

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