Short Story: The Undesirable on the Empty Hill

The hill was empty. Empty of people, empty of animals, empty of empathy. All it had was a carpet of grass, thick and tall from the lack of foot traffic up and down the hill. Because no one wanted to go up the hill where an undesirable stayed far away from everything else.

A long time ago, the undesirable was just another person. He was ordinary in every way, except that when the village came under attack by a hoard of demons, he volunteered himself as a scapegoat. He took on the curses meant for the village and hid away on top of  a hill.

No one had seen him since. Despite what he had done for them, no one cared to look. The danger was over, and no one wanted to dig up unwanted memories. The ordinary man who had bravely sacrificed for the village, my rescuer and master, was thrown into undeserved isolation.

But the younger generation had mixed views. Some were scared off by the horror stories of their elders, some were more curious than wary.

It was these curious minds who crept up the hill, using the thick grass as cover.

I kept my silence as I watched from my vantage point, not wanting to spook the young ones. After so much time in isolation, master would surely appreciate the human company.



Genre: fantasy

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