Short Story: Sunny Shambles

It’s a lovely, sunny day. The kind of day that songs sing about, where birds trill as they fly across the clear blue sky on screen.

That’s the backdrop for their bouncing castle.

Correction. That’s the backdrop for the shambles of what used to be their bouncing castle.

No one knows what happened or how the industrial strength bouncing castle was destroyed,  but they have theories, and those theories all point to the same person.

I look down at my grandmother, who laughs from where she sits in the middle of the carnage. Her killer heels swim among the thick fabric.

“What a disaster,” she says.

I think of the growing circle of curious passerbys gathering around us. Some phone cameras click in the distance.

I sigh and hold my hand out to her.

“Take my hand.”

“Your father will be sorry he missed this,” my grandmother jokes, unrepentant.

“You can tell him all about it when he gets back.”

It’s just another day in the life of a  grandmother with the most unusual life stories.


Genre: slice of life, family

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