Short Story: Birthday Weekend

Nine candles burned happily on the cake, matching the happy smile on the birthday girl’s face.

He cleared his throat to get everyone’s attention.

“To celebrate your birthday, I declare today a public holiday. And not just today, I declare it a long weekend!”

His daughter giggled. “Daaaad, it’s Easter. It’s already a holiday.”

“See? The whole world’s celebrating your birthday.”

That got another giggle out of her.

“So, birthday girl. How shall we spend your special weekend?” he asked.

“Movie marathon!”

“Sure. Let’s choose the movies after cake.”


The birthday girl beamed, untroubled by the fact that the egg hunt birthday bonanza they had originally planned for her and her friends had to be cancelled due to the country-wide lockdown they were under.

His daughter was making the best out of the circumstance they were in. They would make sure they gave her a birthday to remember.


Genre: slice of life


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