Short Story: Silver Threads in the Sky

They called her a liar. She jumped at things that weren’t there and talked about things that didn’t exist. People knew better than to take the words that came out of her mouth as truth.

Which was a problem. A lethal problem.

She looked up at the silvery threads that was the invisible noose around the town, tightening with every night. Only she could see the approaching danger, but there was nothing she could do about it, not while no one was willing to listen.

So should she keep trying? Or should she cut her losses and save herself?

She watched the town she had grown up in, the streets she had walked through to the buildings she had spent her days in with the people who knew her by name.

She couldn’t do it. Until the time came where she had to leave or perish with everyone else, she would continue to try. Even if she only saved one, it was one more than if she left now.

She narrowed her eyes and pointed her finger at the silvery threads in the sky that only she could see.

“This isn’t over yet.”



Genre: fantasy

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