Short Story: The Chicken in His Room

He woke to a ludicrous sight.

A chicken was in his room.

Not just in his room. It was on his bed, dressed in an ‘Eat Me’ jumper.

Man and chook watched each other for a long moment.

He must be dreaming.

He rolled over and drew his blanket back up to his chin.

“Wake up! Wake up!” the chicken squawked.

“Five more minutes,” he moaned.

“Then it’ll be too late.”

He garbled something unintelligible.

“Get…” The chicken squawk grew into a lion’s roar. “… up!”

He snapped awake to an empty room and the smell of smoke in the air. All sleepiness vanished as he launched himself out of bed and shot out of the room.

Behind him, the faintest outline of a lion faded out of sight.



Genre: slice of life, speculative fiction

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