Short Story: Tufts of Hair

A zephyr waltzed in the room, twirled around the teacher’s head, and pulled up one tuft of hair on the teacher’s head.

She grinned. Her classmates stifled their giggles. Their teacher continued, blissfully oblivious.

And so, for the rest of the class, they were treated to the rare sight of their teacher, who was famous for being a stickler for tidiness, with a rogue hair on his otherwise immaculate head.

But she never understood the concept of ‘enough’ either, and if she could pull one tuft of hair, she could pull more. She flicked her fingers to call a second zephyr. Like the first, it teased another clump of hair free, giving the first tuft a partner.

She would have kept going until the teacher’s hair looked like a fluffy porcupine, but the teacher caught his reflection in the window, and they all knew that there was only one person in the class who could even dream of doing something this audacious.

The teacher’s eyes flashed gold as he activated his sight to look back at the past few minutes. She didn’t need to stick around to know what would happen next. As great as she was at creating trouble, she was even better at getting out of them.

By the time the teacher was ready to yell at her, she was long gone.



Genre: fantasy

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