Short Story: The Origami Tiger

She first hears a quiet rustle at her door. Without looking away from her books, she tracks the movement out of the corner of her eye.

It’s an origami tiger, made out of white paper with painted on stripes. On light feet, it patters across her bedroom floor. When it reaches her desk, it sticks to her desk leg like a magnet to a fridge and determinedly walks up in a very un-tiger-like crawl.

Finally, the origami tiger’s nose peeks over the edge of her table. It claws itself up the rest of the way and walks up to her arm.

She waits until a gentle touch presses against her skin before she acknowledges the little tiger.

At her attention, the origami tiger promptly unfolds itself to reveal the message within.

What’s the answer to Question 5?

She stares at the paper with an exasperated smile. There are at least three different ‘Question 5’s that she can think of. Which is the right one?

With the limited information she has, she chooses the questions with the easier answer to write.

B, she writes under the question.

Following the creases in the paper, she folds the tiger back into being. With a tap and a breath, she sends the origami paper off to carry its message back to its master.

This time, she watches the little tiger openly as it slides down her desk leg to the floor and jogs out of her room.

That’s cute.

She looks at the little scraps of colourful used post it notes on her desk.

By the time she dives back into her books, she has her own collection of colourful origami pets.



Genre: fantasy

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