Short Story: Lender’s Heart

Follows after Borrowed Key.


~Lender’s Heart~

She didn’t know what it was about her that made people think she was ‘easy’.

Easy to trick, easy to manipulate, easy to intimidate.

Whenever he parents left the manor, leaving it in her care, she invariably received visitors hiding shady intentions behind too sharp smiles and empty gifts.

She played along, listening with an open mind and responding in good faith, because she wanted to be proven wrong. She wanted to offer assistance to a genuine need.

But just because she was optimistic didn’t mean she was careless.

From the moment she released the key to her private garden into the hands of the woodcutters, she had a team of specially selected servants tail the group. Every person the group interacted with, how many extra copies of her key they created, what they took from her garden. Everything was recorded and exposed when the woodcutters came back to return her key.

Later that day, she sighed to an empty room.

Was she the foolish one for thinking that anyone would approach her with good intentions?


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