Short Story: For the Small Requests

Follows after Even the Small Things.

~For the Small Requests~

It wasn’t unusual for him to receive requests before he left the neighbourhood for another trip. Many rare and expensive items in the marketplace were common ‘junk items’ for adventurers like him. It was a simple thing for him to pick up some extra items on the way.

The difficult requests, actually, were the ones were they asked for something that could only be found in areas that were ‘too easy’ for him.

Some wildlands were more dangerous than others, depending on the power of the creatures that populated it. The life of an adventurer was a constant push towards more and more challenging areas to grow stronger.

For him, who now fought one-on-one against creatures that towered as tall as mountains with bodies thicker than rivers, going back to hunt the little ones that he could wipe out with just a flick of a finger made him feel like a bully.

Still, here he was, a high level adventurer, standing in the peaceful grassy plains that was home to the fluffy quacklings that were even smaller than his sword.

He wasn’t doing this for himself. He came all the way here, to a place he hadn’t visited since he was just a fledgling adventurer, as a favour for his neighbour.

He swept his sword in the familiar arc of his first multi-target attack <<Sword Gust>>.

The quacklings could only quack in shock as their bodies shattered, leaving behind handfuls of coins were they stood, along with other random bits and bobs.

Not a single <<Quackling Feather>>.

He selected a new direction to unleash his attack.

Another adventurer watched him with wide eyes, completely forgetting the quackling before her until it headbutted her off her feet.

Unlike him, whose one attack wiped out multiple quacklings, this adventurer needed multiple attacks before she finally defeated the one quackling.

“Wow, you’re really strong,” she said. Then her head tilted quizzically. “Why are you hunting quacklings?”

“I’m looking for <<Quackling Feathers>>.

Her face brightened. “How many?”


“I have twenty. Trade?”

Well, it would save him time, and it’ll be beneficial for this beginner too. A quackling would typically drop around 15~23 gold upon defeat.

“I’ll take it for 20 gold each.”


Gold and feathers exchanged owners.

“Do you have anything else on this list?” He pulled up his lists of requests to fulfill.

She did, in fact. Hoarding was common among beginners, so she’d held on to everything she collected even when she had no idea what to do with them. He was more than happy to take them off her hands.

[MintBreeze has sent you a friend request.]
>Accept           >Reject

“If there’s anything else you’re looking for, shoot me a message,” she said.

That wasn’t a bad idea. He raised his hand to make his selection.

[New friend added.]


Genre: fantasy

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